We’re Tectyl.
Born to protect.

From the massive transport ships that sail the world’s oceans to the car you drive to work each day, but even your garden fence. All of these products have one thing in common: if they are not protected against the elements they will be demolished.

Tectyl Innovative solutions, products and expertise.

Tectyl was first mentioned in the 1930’s and since then became the synonym for corrosion prevention. With a comprehensive portfolio to safeguard nearly every metal surface from corrosion, chipping, peeling and impingent abrasion, Tectyl products can help companies avoid repair and downtime, likely lowering the total cost of ownership and ensuring a more effective and profitable operation.

Ahead of the innovation curve, the Tectyl portfolio has grown to address recent market trends. Waterbased and non-solvent products have been developed to be the optimal solution to meet the demanding and stricter environmental, health and safety regulations worldwide. In addition to corrosion prevention, Tectyl also provides solutions to reduce metal vibrating resonances. A complete line of sound damping products is available for industries fighting against vibrating sounding of metals.

The broad range of Tectyl products offer ultimate protection for metal surfaces against the damaging effects of moisture, chloride, salt, gravel and corrosion, which can help extend the service life of trucks, passenger vehicles, trailer bodies, earth moving, mining, industrial or any other equipment manufactured with metal parts.

Tectyl™ Cavity Wax Amber

Tectyl™ Multipurpose Amber

Tectyl™ Multipurpose Waterbased

Tectyl™ Stone Chipping Black

Tectyl™ Underbody Coating Bronze

Tectyl™ Cavity Wax Non Solvent

Tectyl™ Multipurpose Transparent