Who we are?

Tectyl is a global brand of rust preventative coatings. Our superior corrosion protection offers customers the confidence, reliability, reputation and high-quality standards.

Since the beginnings, we’ve been fully focused in our mission: empowering businesses and consumers around the world with the gold standard in corrosion protection. To make this happen our products simply need to be the best in the field. Therefore, we constantly research and design better products to win this fight.

What we do, we do thorough and right! We don’t just talk, we deliver. Every single time! On a daily base, our materials and expertise prove themselves on the production floor and assembly lines of light and heavy duty OEMs.

Our history

Since 1930’s Tectyl has prevented rust corrosion of nearly every metal surface against the elements for the automotive and a variety of other industries (bus & truck, marine, rail aviation, agriculture, etc.). We are one of the first brands in coating segment, proud at our 80 years long technical and innovation-based chemical expertise.

Tectyl is a brand of CorPro GmbH in the EMEA region since January 2023

CorPro is a newly founded company that is leading a renowned traditional brand into a successful future. We have made it our goal to establish Tectyl at the top of the European corrosion protection brands. With flexibility, dynamism and motivation, we supply the best possible products to protect against corrosion and corrosion-related damage.

For decades, we were honored to stood under the Valvoline shield and continuously developed and optimized our products, relying on strengths and competences of this global and respectful brand.



Recently, we became an independent solution provider, whose multi-functional products can be used against indoor and outdoor exposure to help metal surfaces resist damage caused by moisture, salt spray, hard gravel and harsh corrosives.

After continuous R&D and extensive testing, the new Tectyl™ was launched to improve customer experience. We revitalized our visual identity, refreshed our product names, modernized our portfolio and updated our packaging.



But our driving force in rust protection and commitment to innovation and expertise remained the same and we are looking forward to providing our golden standard quality products to customers for another 80 years.

Our values

What describes and determines us the best, are our values. Therefore, we are proud to say, that we are:

Confident & reliable
You can count on us and our products. When we make a promise, we deliver. We know what we talk about and what is needed to get the job done.

Focused & thorough
What we do, we do right. We aren’t trying to be a jack of all trades (and master of none). We focus on mastering one thing: protecting products from corrosion.

Perceptive & pro-active
We don’t wait, but act! When there is a client that can be helped or a problem which can be solved: we move forward and do it.

Helpful & empowering
We love to help people and businesses protect their products against corrosion, and to save you from unnecessary hassle and costs. And if that means we have to go the extra mile, we will do it. Just ask.

Positive & optimistic
We love what we do. Every single day we get out of bed and do the best we can to help you protect your products.